About the SIS

Altitude sundial, in silver, for latitude 51°30 secs. (London), signed “Humfray Colle”, in original tooled leather case, Science Museum Group Collection © The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum

The Scientific Instrument Society (SIS) was formed in April 1983 to bring together people with a specialist interest in scientific instruments, ranging from precious antiques to electronic devices only recently out of production.

Collectors, the antiques trade, museum staff, professional historians and amateur enthusiasts will all find the varied activities of the Society suited to their tastes. We have a truly international membership offering those who join the chance to link up with instrument devotees across the world.

You can join the Society and receive the Bulletin from as little as £20 per year: see our membership page for more details.

Article: Remembering Paolo Brenni
(20 March 1954 – 4 December 2021)

A message from the president

Dear Members and Friends,

My name is Gloria Clifton and I was recently accorded the great honour of being asked to take on the role of President of the Scientific Instrument Society after the sudden and very sad death of the previous President, Paulo Brenni. I feel very unworthy to follow in his footsteps, as I have neither the breadth of knowledge nor the facility in several European languages which he had. However, I have been a member of the SIS since 1988 and will do my best to represent the Society effectively. I believe it plays a very important role in bringing together people from all backgrounds with an interest in historic scientific instruments, whether they be collectors, historians, museum curators, dealers, or just have a general interest.

If you are a visitor to the website but not a member, I hope you will consider joining. The Society’s quarterly Bulletin has much of interest and there are opportunities to join in visits to interesting collections or attend the Society’s lectures.

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